About the Danish IT Society

Founded in 1958, the Danish IT Society (Dansk IT) is one of the world’s oldest independent non-profit organisations and communities for IT Professionals.

Our organisation is formed by our members with the mission to unite, strengthen and develop the skills and expertise of IT Users and IT Professionals in Denmark and to promote and support IT in areas where it creates value for the Danish society.

The Danish IT Society is an independent representative voice for more than 9.800 members who work at all levels in the private and public sector.

We help our members focus on their career through continued competency development and participation in Denmark's largest network for IT Professionals.

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Public exam

Every month DANSK IT host a public exam for self-study and re-examinees candidates within a wide range of certifications such as DANSK IT ARKITEKTUR CERTIFICERING™, ISTQB and ICDL etc.

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Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Danish IT Computer Society is working with the EU to launch the most ambitious digital skills program yet