Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Danish IT Computer Society is working with the EU to launch the most ambitious digital skills program yet

Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) is a pan-European initiative aimed at linking together all stakeholders, that in some way work for raising of both professional and citizen-oriented digital skills. It is organized in the form of national coalitions, one for each Member State, that in turn are coordinated from Brussels by the three organizations Digital Europe, European Schoolnet and All Digital. These support the national coalitions with awareness raising activities as well as with facilitating the transfer of funds that the EU Commission has allocated for the purpose.


An integral part of the DSJC is to cover both private and public organizations, including representatives of government.


Even though Denmark is among the most digitized nations, research shows that more than 1 mio. danish citizens (age 16-65) lack basic IT skills. Regarding advanced ICT users and IT professionals Denmark also has a critical skills gap, which seems to be growing looking into the future.


The Danish Computer Society, DANSK IT and it’s Committee for Digital Competencies has made the commitment to be the connection point for a Danish national coalition. The intention is to initiate the coalition with DANSK IT and the members of the Committee for Digital Competencies. The first task for the coalition will be to define common objectives, invite other relevant parties to a start-up meeting and present the action plan.


The Committee for Digital Competencies was formed in 2014 and has (among other things) published a “Manifesto for digital literacy” which has served as an inspiration for policymakers regarding the need for reflective digital skills and critical thinking.