Data Ethics will only happen if we walk the talk

International keynote speakers and topics such as AI, public algorithm registers, the human-centric model, , Next-Gen Chatbots, ML and ethics in advertising and the use of AI regarding children’s data were on the agenda at this year annual European Forum on AI & Data Ethics 2020.

The fifth forum was  This year held as a hybrid conference with participants both on site and online and was kicked off by Pernille Tranberg, co-founder of the thinkdotank

- It is still early days when we talk profit from data ethics and AI, but that is only a great opportunity to get it right the first time, says Pernille Tranberg.

- We do not want at society where the citizen is controlled but big companies. We want a data democracy. where we are in control of our own lives, but we are not there yet.

The heart and soul of the conference is to discuss the consequences of the current situation and discuss how we best move forward. On the conference, the participants share and discuss cases, stories, and best-practice and learn from each other for the benefit of society.

- We are getting closer to a data democracy with data protection laws and anti-trust laws. And now the US Government will launch a case against Google in an anti-trust case which is the first time in two decades that the US Government sues a tech company. We need to walk the talk. If we as citizens do not demand these changes they will not happen. Politicians cannot do this alone.

Data Ethics

Both days has been filmed and collected in a video library. Access is for participants only.