Dansk IT supports the Nordic conference: Boosting the digital transition through lifelong learning

The Nordic initiative conference focusing on ensuring lifelong learning that supports digital transition in the Nordic Region and is hosted by Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) and NORDTEK. Participation is free.

Digital conference 1/10/2020

The consequences of the 2020 crisis require new ways of thinking, working, and learning. Ensuring relevant lifelong learning provision is a hard nut to crack, but now more than ever, it is seen as the key to adapt to restructuring and changing our societies. Not only pandemics impacts our labourmarkets, so does the digital transformation.

The drawbacks of digital transition have been already addressed at some degree in the Nordic Region, -often regarded as a digital frontrunner in Europe and globally due to its capability to access and use digital infrastructure. However, closing the digital skills gap and ensuring adequate provision of lifelong learning courses is still a challenge for the Region.

Lifelong learning that supports digital transition will be the key to ensure robust job markets. This requires a change of mindset, adjustments in the institutional management process, political and financial support, strategic partnerships and, ensuring these changes benefit the individual learners. The lifelong learning complexity can only be solved in partnership. Therefore, your voice matters!

What do expect from the conference?

  1. At the conference you will be introduced to the main findings of the policy paper, developed for the occasion. The policy paper outlines different initiatives that support lifelong learning based on strategic partnership, namely different types of cooperation, engagement and communication with target groups, provision modes, as well as pedagogical and financial models.
  2. You will get an insight into some Nordic initiatives –the true frontrunners in the provision of lifelong learning courses, and you will have a chance to get inspired from the selected four initiatives presenting their stories.
  3. The policy paper also highlights challenges and opportunities, from which policy recommendations have been drafted. During the event you will be asked to engage and collectively elaborate on policy recommendations taking place in dedicated parallel sessions.

Read more about the conference and sign up here.