Danish IT Society Architecture Competence Framework

Get in control of architects!

Read the Danish version of the framework here. 

We have defined the most important architect roles and competences, that is part of the Architecture work according to FDA - The common public-sector digital architecture and TOGAF.

Danish IT Society Architecture Competence Framework - DIT ACF can be used to, amongst other things, to map the architecture competencies by any organisation as part of the strategy and as an individual as part of career planning.

DIT ACF is a continuation and update of Agency of Digitisation’s OIO Architecture Framework: Architect roles and competences. The OIO Architecture Framework was discontinued in 2020 since the arrival of the new common public-sector digital architecture – FDA - in 2017. Since FDA does not contain a framework for architecture roles and competencies – in opposition to The OIO Architecture Framework, Danish IT Society has continued that part under DIT ACF – Danish IT Society Architecture Competence Framework.

DIT ACF is continuously updated by Danish IT Society’s Advisory Board for Danish IT Society Architecture Certification.

Architect Roles and Competences