Video Library: European Forum on AI & Data Ethics, 21 & 22 October 2020

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Do you want to know, how companies understand and work with AI and data ethics?

Meet huge corporations like IKEA, Unilever and SAP, and smaller ones like the taxi company Viggo, the cloud provider Nextcloud, and the telco Nuuday. You can also dive into in-dept discussions on what to do and not to do, when it comes to making predictions on children, elderly and other human beings, and how to use chatbots. Meet experts and engineers on AI, and hear Unity tell about using synthetic data. And don’t miss a good laugh, when Finn from the Norwegian Consumer Council read out loud from real life Terms of Conditions.

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For those of you who participated in the conference, you can watch video presentations from the conference on this page. Use the same password as you did at the conference  - you got it in an email.

Bonus material

The Rise of Ethics in Advertising, w. Jamie Bernard, Unilever + World Federation of Advertisers


1. The Intelligent Enterprise: Transforming the nature of work with AI w. Jesper Schleimann, SAP
2. Meet Itelligence and their conversatoinal bot - a digital human w. Thorsten Søbirk, Itelligence
3. Sharmila Chockalingam from Unity Technology talks about exploring the role of synthetic data 


Full version from day 1 and day 2


Video presentations from Wednesday, 21 October


0. Welcome to the conference


1. Keynote: The Global AI Race, w. Francesco Lapenta, John Cabot University
2. AI transparency and public algorithm registers, w. Meeri Haatajam, Saidot
3. Next-Gen Chatbots, w. Stephen Alstrup, Supwiz and Michael Birkebæk Jensen, KPMG Denmark


4. AI and ML in practice - how hard can it be? w. Dan Rose Johansen, Paperflow and Daniel Safari, Datamaga
5. AI and ML in practice - getting the right data running, w. Morten Thaarup, DMI, Jesper Schleimann, SAP and Sasmita Kusumastuti, University of Copenhagen
6. Keynote: Exploring the Role of Synthetic Data, w. Sharmila Chockalingam, Unity Technology


Video presentations from Thursday, 22 October


0. Welcome to the conference, day 2


1. Keynote: Data Ethics is the New Green, w. Vera Heitmann, IKEA
2. The Rise of Ethics in Advertising, w. Jamie Bernard, Unilever + World Federation of Advertisers
3. AI – for the sake of the children?! w. Thomas Berlin Hovmand, Gladsaxe Kommune, Björn Preuss,, Thomas Nørmark, Itelligence and Piek Visser-Knijff, Filosofie in actie 

4. Ethics – a competitive advantage, w. Kenneth Herschel, Viggo, Caspar Engelshardt-Sabinsky, Nuuday and Marija Puselja, NextCloud
5. Keynote: How we are deceived to give away our data, w. Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad, Norwegian Consumer Council
6. Engineers on Ethics, w. Inese Podgaiska, ANE/Nordic Engineers


7. Wrap-up and thank you, w. Pernille Tranberg, and Hans Ravnkjær Larsen, Danish IT